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A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are) - they are just a place where you can have your name listed along with other fans of the same subject.

the manga

Yuka is a fifteen years old highschool girl, whose father is a successful writer. One day, her father meets an old friend of his, whose son is attending the same school as Yuka. While Yuka and her best friend Toko go out for a karaoke date, trying to meet someone just to trick them into paying the check, they meet two cute boys, and are tricked into paying the check themselves - only to discover the day after that both of them actually attend the same school as theirs, and that Yuka's favorite is the son of her father's best friend!



Yuka is the only daughter of the famous mystery books writer Akimitsu Kunimoto. She attends the first year of high school and lives alone after her father married for the third time. She's looking for true love, but she hasn't been really lucky so far.


Toko is Yuka's best friend. She's a pretty frivolous girl that thinks only about boys, changing her boyfriend periodically. At the beginning she is engaged to Tsukasa, but the two do nothing but fight and make up.


In contrast to her classmates, Katsura is a very shy girl, still inexpert when it comes to love. She's part of the basket club and is a good student... but she'd like to be a little more open like Yuka and Toko.


Hirotaka (Hiro) is friend with Yuka and Toko since medium school. She helps Yuka with her love trouble explaining her the male point of view and at the same time receives help from his female friends about his own love troubles. He attends the soccer club and has a younger girlfriend. He has troubles with her since he joined high school.


He meets Yuka when him and Tsukasa decide to punish Toko for a bad joke she made to a friend of them. He starts going out with Yuka but his way to love is not as passional as she'd like. The two split up when he falls in love with Riyoko, a book lover like he is.


She's a girl of a mid-lower class, to the point that she has to work part time as a waitress and has to take the book she likes as loans from the school library. Thanks to her passion she meets Nozomu and falls in love with him.


Friend of Nozomu, he organizes with him a plan to punish Toko of a bad prank she pulled on one of his friends. In actuality, the boy was going after her for a while and the two end up being together. But Tsukasa never loses his chances to lecture his girlfriend...


Touwa is the son of Sachie, Akimitsu Kunimoto's second wife. Since they were kids, him and Yuka were never on good terms because of the cold and rough way he treated her. He's hired by Akimitsu as a Yuka's private tutor.


Hiroshi is a young university student that his practicing his traineeship as a teacher in Morinaga HS, where he graduated from some years prior to the story. He apparently has some feeling towards Katsura, but she has to face Akiko, his ex-girlfriend decided to take him back.


Yuka's classmate, at times he works as a model for the magazine of Yoko, Yuka's stepmother. Although they start dating, he doesn't seem to want to cut his ties to Saori, his girlfriend.


She's a very beautiful and kind girl, part of the photography club that Yuka joins after breaking up with Nozomu. She's been engaged to Kaitoo for a long time, and doesn't suspect that her boyfriend is cheating on her with Yuka.


Hikaru is the boy that Yuka dated in middle school, and that cheated on her with his own private tutor, Akiko. Realizing he didn't forget about his previous girlfriend, he asks her to get back with him, but she decides to think about it for a while...


She's the english teacher of Morinaga HS, also the private tutor Hikaru cheated on Yuka with and that was the cause of their split up. She doesn't seem to care about it and she's determined to get back with her ex-boyfriend Hiroshi when she notices the growing relationship between him and Katsura.